TimberOps: Accelerate Harvest Planning

Improve efficiency by understanding topography

Cutblock planning, road surveying and other forestry operations have traditionally been a slow, expensive process of in-office designing, coupled with traveling to remote locations by boat or helicopter, and then returning to the office for adjustments.

This time-consuming trial-and-error process exposes timber harvesters to increased operational costs and risks – desirable trees are often missed, while cutblocks can inadvertently extend onto protected land.

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Reduce Planning Costs

In the office, planning tools are typically spread across different software programs. Many existing tools are 2D, lacking the three dimensional context needed for efficient decision making. Once in the field, workers lack proper data and context in the forest at eye level, moving slowly on foot while attempting to stay safe from falls and remain safe.

By solving these problems, TimberOps from LlamaZOO Interactive helps timber harvesters increase safety and significantly reduce overall wood production costs.

Understand Topographic Challenges When Planning Harvesting

TimberOps reduces costs by helping forestry companies better understand the topographic challenges when planning timber harvesting. By using 3D visualization of complex data and virtual reality (VR) to help stakeholders understand topography, forest companies can:

  • Design accurate cut blocks and roads in-office, and improve planning accuracy

  • Improve operational outcomes and lower the cost of harvesting with as-built views

  • Facilitate stakeholder consultations more efficiently with realistic topographical visualizations

  • Reduce onboarding and training time while improving quality assurance

  • Practice better land management, including watersheds and wildlife habitats

  • Improve safety as well as reducing time in-field and travel costs

Get Actionable Insights and Improve Your Operations

TimberOps SBI does all this by integrating data from a variety of sources, including GIS, satellite, LiDAR and aerial imagery of a proposed forestry license into a 1:1 scale, common operating picture of the site. Data is presented through an-easy-to navigate 3D view on desktop PCs and VR devices, and provides an accurate view of the site down to the tree points and heights.

LlamaZOO’s new class of Spatial Business Intelligence (SBI), data visualization and software solutions for the resource and energy sectors gives businesses actionable insights to liberate their data in order to reduce costs, improve productivity and become more competitive.

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