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At LlamaZOO everything we do is about helping clarify the complex, enabling stakeholders to make meaningful and impactful decisions through visually stunning communication tools.

Our mission is to change the way the world sees data. We also happen to develop leading AR/VR technologies.

Telling the Story Enterprise Data Deserves

Spatial Business Intelligence

Mining, Oil and Gas, Forestry, and other extractive industries need to communicate and plan around data that is traditionally isolated across non-interoperable software, and various organizational silos. We specialize in centralizing complex spatial data to provide accessible, actionable meaning.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Images speak louder than words, and each day our solutions demonstrate that Augmented & Virtual Reality speak volumes compared to traditional methods of visualizing and interpreting data. We use Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to bring a level of immersion to data that breaks down communication barriers between all stakeholders.

Digital Twinning

Companies only obtain value from the data they can act on. Digital twinning transforms complex, overabundant data into decision-making jet fuel. Avoid unplanned maintenance, enable just-in-time decision making, and gain centralized real-time data oversight.

Laser-Focus on Natural Resources

Our team’s background in developing world-class 3D software in gaming, combined with our company’s laser-focus on natural resources; provides us with a competitive edge that can’t be beat. Our unmatched technical expertise, and intimate understanding of your business challenges, enable us to develop solutions that drive immediate and lasting ROI.

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