We build interactive 3D AR/VR/MR experiences

We’re revolutionizing education and enterprise media by blending interactive 3D content, with Augment, Virtual, and Mixed reality. Increasing ROIs in training, communication, collaboration, and marketing.

We're leading AR/VR/MR

We create augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality (MR) experiences. Our goal is to provide our customers with world class digital products and technology solutions.

What sets LlamaZOO apart? We live and breathe interactive 3D, with experience on over 50 world-class products in the last decade alone, we set out to create a unique company specializing in 3D AR/VR/MR.

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Adaptive quizzing reinforces knowledge through spaced repetition and confidence-based learning.
3D camera bookmarks, notes, and annotations unlock access to create a custom library of personalized study material.
Fully interactive 3D content provides an immersive learning experience that’s complementary to standard learning tools and resources.
Comprehensive layering system and detailed labelling promote knowledge retention through hands-on discovery and exploration.
Inspection actions provide unique perspectives for deeper discovery and analysis of individual and connected systems.

We're revolutionizing education

Our revolutionary 3D edTech platform marries interactive 3D content, with elements of gamification, and learning techniques based on cognitive neuroscience. Based on this framework, we’ve created the World’s First Veterinary Virtual Dissection platform, EasyAnatomy.

Built in partnership with leading international institutions, and powered by the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and learning theory, EasyAnatomy is trusted by students and educators from over 70 veterinary schools worldwide. And as the most advanced interactive 3D canine anatomy client communication tool for veterinary practitioners, EasyAnatomy is being utilized to break down the communication barrier with clients.

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We're committed to innovation

We’re proud of our achievements and our commitment to excellence.

Our newsfeed highlights a few of our many accomplishments, including Douglas Magazine’s 10 to Watch in 2016, the 2016 BCIC New Ventures Competition Top Regional Startup, the 2016 Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award, the 2015 Futurpreneur Spin Master Innovation Fund, and Startup of the Year at the 2015 VIATEC Technology Awards.

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