MineLife: Visualize Complex Planning Data

Using spatial business intelligence for better mine planning


Current Challenges

As resource companies manage the uncertainty of unpredictable commodity prices, slim margins, and labor shortages, they face other significant challenges, including:

  • Complex planning and approval processes
  • Remote projects increase safety risks
  • Departmental data silos inhibit collaboration, slowing projects

Furthermore, project data is often buried and walled off in spreadsheets and legacy software. This lack of interoperability increases the complexity of sharing data with stakeholders such as planners, investors, community and executive partners.

MineLifeVR Mountain Virtual Reality
MineLife VR LlamaZOO

“This Virtual Reality digital replica of the project should be used unabashedly as a communication tool across all levels of engagement. Up, down, left, and right”

– Colin Joudrie, Vice President, Business Development, Teck

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Create a Digital Twin of Any Mine Site, From Exploration to Reclamation

LlamaZOO Interactive’s MineLife liberates and integrates data from typically non-interoperable databases and legacy software across different organizational silos. Information is synthesized and visualized into a 1:1 scale digital twin of a mine site, from exploration to reclamation.

MineLife can integrate and visualize almost any kind of data, including:

  • Mine planning
  • Drill holes
  • Equipment
  • The specific location of ore bodies
  • Facilities
  • Local flora and fauna
  • Infrastructure
  • Hydrology
  • Communities and sensitive regions

Using MineLife, planners, project partners and community stakeholders can virtually “walk” or fly through a planned mine project that’s overlaid on an explorable and interactive 3D map.

Start Earlier

Save Money

Finish Faster


Impact and ROI

By using MineLife, one resource company will start project operations two years early, saving millions of dollars, such as reducing or eliminating non-operational mineral lease fees. The company also saved at least $250,000 on site visits, and accelerated project planning timelines by 6 months.

The Benefits of using MineLife

More Efficient Design and Planning

Engineers, geologists and executives use MineLife to communicate from a centralized source of data. Data visualizations can be viewed “on the ground” from any angle, unlocking new perspectives, surfacing potential issues earlier, and speeding up iteration through quicker communication.

Better Stakeholder Alignment

Thanks to virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) technology, more stakeholders can visit the mine while reducing safety risks, travel logistics and carbon footprint, all while speeding up collaboration and stakeholder alignment.

Truly Engaging Communication

Quickly create compelling fly-through videos and other presentation assets to improve communication and increase understanding about projects and proposed developments.

Immersive, Interactive, and Life-Sized Visualization

MineLife - LlamaZOO - Teck Resources Case Study
A truly three-dimensional representation of a mine plan from exploration to closure, spanning thousands of square miles at life-size scale, with accuracy ensured through the use of the mines planning and geospatial data.
Visualize comprehensive historical, current, and future data for a mine site, including the evolving locations of pits, drill holes, ore bodies, infrastructure and more. All centralized into one virtual environment.
Available on any virtual reality headset including: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and more. Mouse and keyboard controls are also available.

Free Consultation

The process begins with a no-commitment free consultation to explore project feasibility and possibilities.

Data Transfer

We collect the client’s pre-existing data – GIS, DEM, geology, mine planning, and more.

Data Integration

Our proprietary data integration process is further accelerated by the underlying MineLife VR platform.


Following client feedback and polishing, the complete virtual reality experience is delivered to client ready to provide immediate value.

Speed Up the Planning Process, Reduce Costs and Boost Margins

LlamaZOO Interactive’s Spatial Business Intelligence immerses engineers, executives and other external stakeholders in a virtual plan of the mine through every stage of its life cycle, from thousands of feet in the air, to a simulated boots-on-the-ground level.

By making access to information easier and more efficient, and then visualizing data as part of a seamless experience, LlamaZOO’s MineLife helps mining companies speed up the planning process, reduce costs, and boost margins.

MineLife Shapes

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