Prepare to be amazed by the anatomical wonders of the canine body! We are excited to announce that JetsonVR is now available to everyone on Windows Mixed Reality.

Our team took on the challenge of taking our medically-accurate 3D models of canine anatomy from EasyAnatomy, and leveraging them to develop the world’s first Virtual Reality canine dissection experience.

For those interested in learning/exploring canine anatomy like never before – you can grab every single piece of anatomy, and read up on anatomist-written information including name/function/importance/etc.

For those simply interested in trying cool MR apps – you can bounce organs all around the zero-gravity surgery theatre, throw eyeballs, and completely dismantle the dog as fast as possible.

Not only for play, JetsonVR can be used by veterinary schools and students as a supplement to cadaver dissection. Where cadavers are expensive, can only be dissected once, and come with a plethora of health and ethical concerns – JestonVR is available on-demand, maintains medical-accuracy by being built from MRI & CT scans, and can be explored and reset infinitely.

JetsonVR is another powerful example of how 3D visualization can be used to transform learning and communication in education, enterprise, and beyond.