LlamaZOO’s MineLife VR Featured on Business in Vancouver


“Charles Lavigne zooms across 30,000 square kilometres of rugged British Columbia terrain. In seconds, he calls up 50 years and 300,000 metres of drill hole data with a couple of flicks of his wrist.”


An enticing intro to a great article on LlamaZOO’s MineLife VR featured on Business in Vancouver.

Developed in collaboration with Canada’s largest diversified mining company – Teck Resources – MineLife VR is a software platform that fuses complex geospatial and mine planning data into an interactive, 1:1 scale virtual reality replica of the planned, current, and future states of a mine site.

Read the full BIV story to hear more about MineLife VR’s development process, and the platform’s impact on the mining industry, from both LlamaZOO CEO Charles Lavigne and Teck’s General Manager of Technology and Innovation Greg Brouwer.

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