The Positive Outcomes from Using Technology in Education Come to the Forefront

By July 5, 2016Study Tips

positve outcomes from education technology

It’s no secret that our society is becoming increasingly connected, and dependent on technological devices. The human-tech relationship has been increasingly expanding to university campuses around the world, with many institutions bringing cutting edge technology right into the classroom.

The importance of using technology in education was expressed by the Higher Ed Leaders Forum discussion panel – “The Digital Future of Education” – which happened just last month in New York. The focus topic of the distinguished panel – “The first generation of digitally native students is reshaping campus culture” – highlights the imminent (and present) impact of this cultural shift. One of the panelists, James E. Ryan, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, also spoke to technology’s increasing role in education. In an interview given to MeriTalk, Ryan remarked that students are now accustomed to a certain level of technology, and thus bring those expectations to the classroom.

No wonder so much attention is being directed at the use of technology in education. McGraw-Hill Education recently released their third annual Workforce Readiness Survey, which asserts that 52 percent of surveyed students see the use of technology during classes and study sessions as a propeller to secure a job once they leave campus.

Tech Aids the Career Transition

If you are a veterinary student, you can certainly testify to the potential benefits of bringing technology into the classroom. Anatomy, radiology and physiology are all highly challenging and time-consuming subjects to learn, especially when using the currently available resources.

After first testing out EasyAnatomy, Atlantic Veterinary College student and class vice-president Allie Catalino expressed that “the ability of the app to help out with muscles that are difficult to see in real life dissection is wonderful. The spinal column muscles would have been infinitely easier to learn if I had this two years ago!!” 

If you would like to invest in your education, increase your GPA and material retention rates, and feel more confident about landing a job, you should check out EasyAnatomy’s newly released student version. Pre-orders are now open, and are being offered at a 66% discount for a very short time! 

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