OCC 3D: Digital Twinning for the Resource Sector

Operational command and control for improving productivity

Resource extraction is complex and expensive. Operators traditionally have little control over situational awareness of sprawling remote sites where dozens of vehicles, machinery, assets and hundreds of employees work around the clock. It can be challenging for supervisors to keep people safe or avoid equipment downtime.

OCC 3D from LlamaZOO Interactive solves these problems while helping resources businesses reduce costs and improve productivity by providing centralized, real-time monitoring of people, places and things.

Centralized, Real-Time Monitoring of People, Places and Things

OCC 3D (Operational Command and Control) is a live operations 3D digital twinning platform for Enterprises in the resource and energy sectors. From a 1000-foot perspective, OCC 3D connects existing dispatch systems and mining planning data.

Our solution fuses survey data with other IIoT data streams to provide a centralized, common operating picture of:

  • Asset and vehicle positioning
  • Equipment health
  • Planned vs. actual dig progress

Monitor Everything in One Place, in Real Time

OCC 3D’s data collection, integration and visualization allows businesses to view, in real-time, the “who, what, where, and how” status of their people, sites, and assets from a single 3D dashboard for:

Quicker decisions
Real-time data collection, management and presentation operational allows decisions to be made remotely and more quickly.

Less unplanned maintenance
Reduce downtime and improve productivity by remotely monitoring machine and equipment health in real time.

Increased productivity
Bring just-in-time decision making to your operations and quickly optimize production as conditions change.

Get Actionable Insights and Improve Your Operations

The OCC 3D digital twin platform provides real-time data visualization, offering remote and on-site access, unique interfaces for supervisors and operators, all on a streamlined development platform offering custom functionality.

LlamaZOO’s new class of Spatial Business Intelligence, data visualization and software solutions for the resource and energy sectors gives businesses actionable insights to liberate their data in order to reduce costs, improve productivity and become more competitive.

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