New on the EasyAnatomy BETA: 3D Canine Muscles, Joints and more

EasyAnatomy’s Latest Update is Now Live

Continued innovation and advancement is the name of the game here at the LlamaZOO, and we are very excited to announce the release of our latest BETA update!

LlamaZOO BETA Anatomy

The team has put in a lot of hard work and long hours into delivering this new content, and we’re beyond pleased with what this update has to offer. Here are just a few of the awesome new features to look out for, along with instructions for how to get the updated EasyAnatomy BETA running on your computer:

Build Highlights

  1. High Definition Muscular System (including written content!)Our canine model has been hitting the gym hard, and now it’s ready to strut it’s sweet summer bod.
  1. Three New Pre-Set Quizzes Totaling 68 New Questions Don’t hate us for assigning you homework, our quizzing system is designed to ACCELERATE learning.
  1. New Radial Menu with Inspection Actions for Simulated Dissection – Get down and dirty with dissection, on-demand, and without actually getting dirty.

EasyAnatomy BETA

How to Download

If you already have EasyAnatomy on your computer, you can download the update through HockeyApp.

If you have never tried EasyAnatomy before, then you can signup here and follow the download steps here.

If you run into any issues while following either path, send us a message on our support page and we’ll get you sorted as fast as possible.

– – – – – – – –

The LlamaZOO team is pretty proud about this update, but what we really want to hear is feedback from you! We’ve outlined a few of the newest highlights, but there is plenty more to find and explore, and we’re perhaps a little too excited to hear what you think. Enjoy!

Excited LlamaZOO Dog