LlamaZOO Inspires at CVR2017

Off we were to Vancouver again for CVR2017 to see what was what in the world of VR.  Setting up our jungle booth and VR experience to welcome over 6000 guests, from industry experts to first time VR enthusiasts.

Growing since its first year in 2016, CVR champions virtual reality and their mission is to share and promote this transformative technology and show how it will change the way we live and learn.  The LlamaZOO team joined Archiact, Centre for Digital Media and Cloudhead Games.

Our company founders were sharing their know-how and experience on panels discussing VR training and the future of MR, as well as leading some interesting and challenging conversations about the future of VR.

It was a packed weekend, full of exciting and inspiring products and games. A highlight for our team was seeing so many young people and children attending the conference.  We had some amazing conversations with the next generation about how our new technology will revolutionize the way they learn at home and in schools.  Hopefully we inspired some future VR developers!

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*Update: 13th July 2017
Check out our Co-Founder, Kevin Oke, in this awesome video from CVR about the power of creating worlds!


At LlamaZOO we develop interactive and immersive 3D communications, training, and digital twin visualization software for enterprise, specializing in mining, and other natural resource industries.

We are world-leading experts in spatial data fusion – combining large datasets into one centralized repository, making access to and understanding of critical data easier and faster, for both internal and external stakeholders.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our solutions, or exploring project possibilities for your own company, please get in touch: projects@llamazoo.com

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