At LlamaZOO we believe every win warrants a high five, which is the reason we get together every Friday afternoon to share “Llamazing News” which entails us sharing our successes, thanks, and acknowledgements for someone for who did a cracking job. In the past few months the ZOO has travelled around the globe, via Seoul, Peru, Ottawa, Seattle, and puddle jumping across to Vancouver. Highlights like these are hard earned, but we love to celebrate these in our special way – with a micro dance-party.

First off Software Developer, Co-op Supervisor, AND Resident Disney Expert Laura was invited to speak at the University of Victoria regarding an announcement for new government funding to support Co-op students. Laura expressed LlamaZOO’s love for working with enthusiastic students with an entrepreneurial drive during her speech, alongside Honorable Melanie Mark and Honorable Rob Flemming, and UVic President: Jamie Cassels. Our Business and Software Co-op students are given a unique opportunity to work in a fast-paced, unique environment, and have completed a range of tasks from helping to define our employee branding strategy to developing new software features and data integration tools.  

We were very proud earlier this year to receive the University of Victoria Co-op Employer of the Year award! Recognition for the Co-op program and enthusiastic and innovative students means a lot to us and we were honoured to be selected for this award.

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First stop for LlamaZOO’s Business Development Team was the LNG conference in Vancouver: the only event in Canada dedicated to Global Gas and LNG Industries which is fully backed by the First Nations of Canada. We were demoing as well as one of our project partners, Chevron, showing how spatial business intelligence and digital twinning can improve communication and project efficiency.

Next, our CEO, Charles Lavigne headed to Seoul, South Korea as LlamaZOO was invited to attend the 2019 AR/VR Expo. After attending a lunch hosted by the Trade Commission of Canada with Canada’s Ambassador for Korea, we were shown the significant market potential and opportunities.

And wrapping up the mid-year point, we had our very first LlamaFEST commenced last week where Llama’s far and wide came to join the rest of their herd in Victoria. We celebrated all of our hard work so far with Spikeball, homemade BBQ, and drinking from our most prized possession – Margaritaville. With town hall updates from Charles, project feedback sessions, and team planning meetings – we managed to squeeze as much face time in as we could. All in all it was a (Ll)amazing time.

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Here at the ZOO, we are not only creating groundbreaking, disruptive technologies, but doing it with a smile and some laughter. We want you to join us in using new VR & AR technologies to create visualization and digital twinning solutions that make critical data easily accessible. 

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