JetsonVR: Discover & learn canine anatomy

Designed to educate, engage, and absorb everyone from vet students, to pet lovers, to gamers. JetsonVR is the next innovation from the team behind the world’s leading canine anatomy study app: EasyAnatomy – now used in over 120 countries.

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Prepare to be amazed by the anatomical wonders of the canine body!

Feast your eyes on the world’s most medically accurate virtual canine specimen, and stand in awe as organs float and soar throughout our zero gravity surgery theatre. JetsonVR is the greatest virtual reality guide to canine anatomy this planet has ever seen.

Built from the ground up for virtual reality, JetsonVR blends visually stunning 3D anatomy with fully interactive exploration and gamified challenges.

Exporation mode

Discover, manipulate, and learn canine anatomy

JetsonVR contains a mind-opening 1694 unique anatomical structures, meaning there’s always something new to learn and explore. Every single one of Jetson’s bones, muscles, nerves, and organs can be selected, grabbed, inspected, rotated, and even thrown in zero gravity. Pick up anatomy to examine how it looks or learn its purpose. Gain a never-before-possible understanding of the 3D relationship between structures. Or dissect with gusto to fill the room with floating body parts. You are in complete control.

Jigsaw Challenge

Test your knowledge and set new high scores in a race-against-the-clock

Oh no, Jetson is falling apart! Complete the Anatomy Jigsaw challenge by placing floating anatomy back where it belongs in Jetson's body. Improve your score by replacing more parts, taking less time, and making fewer mistakes. Pressure's on!

Why choose JetsonVR?

Medical Accuracy

Unmatched medical accuracy (canine anatomy built from CT and MRI images)

Clear Descriptions

Descriptions for every bone, muscle, and organ written by a team of distinguished anatomists and professors

It’s Fun!

A low-gravity environment that lets you to fling eyeballs and organs wherever you’d like!

Available now in the Microsoft Store

Hardware Requirements: Windows Mixed Reality headset and controllers

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