Clarity 3D: Digital Twinning for Facilities and Equipment

Conduct immersive, cost-saving remote inspections

Sending personnel to remote locations is costly and time-intensive, particularly for training or facility and equipment inspection.

On-site and hands-on training presents similar problems while introducing increased safety considerations. It can take months to understand the effectiveness of training, consuming even more operational resources.

And, fundamentally, it is risky to send your people to work or train on site, especially if there is a safer way to do it.

Digital Twinning for Facilities and Equipment

LlamaZOO Interactive’s Clarity 3D provides a platform to digitally twin a facility or piece of equipment at a boots-on-the-ground level. This digital twinning solution reduces risks to, and increases the productivity of, remote monitoring, inspection and training.

As a platform for facility and equipment digital twinning, Clarity 3D visualizes detailed information on any part, machine or process. This information can be accessed remotely in order to:

Complete projects more quickly
Compare as-built to as-designed for faster turnarounds and installations.

Save travel costs
Supervise or collaborate with remote teams to save travel costs and reduce downtime.

Supervise facilities and equipment in real time
Prevent equipment downtime by visualizing real-time and historic data of your infrastructure or process on one screen.

Reduce the time, costs and risks of training
By experiencing real-world simulations ahead of time, employees can train remotely, where it’s safe.

Reduce Maintenance Rework and Downtime, Keep Your People Safe

By allowing supervisors and employees to examine and manipulate any machine or piece of equipment in an immersive 3D visualization, Clarity 3D reduces maintenance rework and downtime, makes operations more efficient and keeps your people safe.
LlamaZOO’s new class of Spatial Business Intelligence and data visualization solutions for the resource and energy sectors provide businesses with actionable insights to reduce costs, improve productivity, and become more competitive.

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