The Alpaca vs The Llama


At first glance, some may confuse these two furry critters and assume they are the same species. Of course they are NOT, but they are in fact both camelids in the biological family Camelidae. Some obvious visual differences would be the blunt face of the alpaca versus the long face of the llama, the different sizes in ears, as well as their height and weight (llamas are typically a few inches taller and many pounds heavier). Historically, their breeding purposes differ as well. Alpacas are bred for their fibers, which have been used for making clothing or for construction, where as llamas are more useful for transportation or as working animals.

While they are quite similar, clearly the llama is more superior. At LlamaZOO, we are most definitely strong #teamllama supporters. Let us tell you why:

1. First off, just look at that majestic face


You can tell from his expression that he is a creature of grace and high intellect.

2. Llamas are independent

Unlike the skittish alpaca, the llama is a confident and independent camelid. Llamas are often used as guard animals for small livestock such as sheep or even alpacas!

3. Llamas are hard working

Did you know that llamas can carry 50 to 75 pounds for about 20 miles in one day?! You would not find an alpaca with an accomplishment like that.

4. Llamas are strong willed

When a llama feels like he’s being overworked or is simply annoyed, he may throw a fit by spitting, hissing and kicking. He knows how to stand up for himself.


We could go on and on about how great the llama is, but we’ll leave you with just that. Clearly the llama is majestic, confident, and hardworking, with just the perfect touch of sass.

Who doesn’t llove that?