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Since 2014, we’ve developed award-winning 3D visualization solutions to help everyone from ivy league universities to tier 1 mining companies eliminate communication barriers, work safer, and move faster.

LlamaZOO Customer Logos: Interfor, Teck, Barrick, UPenn, Goldcorp, USask, Swagelok, Maptek


LlamaZOO was founded by video game industry veterans Charles Lavigne and Kevin Oke. Their vision was to take their expertise in building highly engaging, interactive, and large-scale 3D experiences, and use it to create solutions for real-world challenges.

First we developed EasyAnatomy – a 3D anatomy learning tool that enables veterinary students and educators to reduce their reliance on cadaver dissection, while making learning both accessible and engaging. EasyAnatomy is now trusted by the world’s top veterinary schools, and by students in over 120 countries.

Next we looked at which industries benefit most from being able to understand, communicate around, and act on complex 3D data. With the huge costs, risks, and time-loss associated with site visits, training, maintenance and more – natural resources was the perfect fit. And that’s how we began to grow into world-leaders at developing 3D visualization solutions within mining, oil and gas, forestry, and beyond.

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MineLife VR Augmented Reality


We are award-winning developers of interactive 3D visualization solutions. Our expertise is in bringing accessible, actionable meaning to complex (and traditionally siloed) 3D data – such as creating 1:1 scale virtual replicas of the world’s largest mine sites, and real-time digital twins of facilities and equipment.

LlamaZOO is at the forefront of leveraging 3D, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, and Digital Twin technology to create disruptive solutions for companies’ unique challenges.

We are proud to contribute to BC’s groundbreaking technology sector as founding members of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, Board Members of the Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Association’s (VRARA) Vancouver Chapter, and avid mentors to the next generation of technology professionals.


We are a diverse team of playful, fearless individuals based out of beautiful Victoria and Vancouver BC. Our office space is equipped with a rooftop patio for team BBQs, a gaming lounge (for mario kart battles), bike storage, showers, and pets! Not only does our team develop groundbreaking, disruptive projects, we do it while having fun. 🙂

Charles Lavigne
CEO & Co-Founder
"Chief Llama"
Kevin Oke
VP of Business Development & Co-Founder
"Chief Alpaca"
Garth Albright
Tim Koop
"Johnny Bravo"
Tim Webb
"Llama Herder"
Bradley Oldham
Charlotte Garcia-Melgares
"Zoo Keeper"
Christine Gossland
"Miss LlamaGold"
Divakar Dev
Eric May
"Terrain Wrangler"
Frederick Fowles
Hussaina Wardhawala
Jadyn Issacson
"Judge Judy"
Laura Grondahl
"Resident Disney Expert"
Li Ji
Mavis Brace
Melisa DiPietro
Riccardo Marcis
"Travel Buff"
Samantha Derochie
Steve Macias
"Texas Smash"
Tyler Reese
Whitney Peterson
Yuhan Freeman
Guard Dog
"The Notorious D.O.G"

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