About Us

Welcome to the ZOO

At LlamaZOO we develop interactive and immersive 3D communications, training, and digital twin visualization software for enterprise and industry 4.0.

We are world-leading experts in spatial data fusion – combining large datasets into one centralized repository, making access to and understanding of critical data easier and faster, for both internal and external stakeholders.

Our proudly diverse team is based in beautiful Victoria & Vancouver BC,  and includes top-performing experts from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Germany, Kenya, and the United Kingdom. Born out of a shared passion for leveraging expertise in interactive technology to tackle real world problems, our team is comprised of veterans from the Video Game, Web, Mobile, Cloud, and Digital Design industries. We believe that by working diligently, and with world leading organizations, that we can create something revolutionary.

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LlamaZOO Memberships - PDAC, AME, VRARA

Our Origins

EA Games
Microsoft Game Studios
Black Box
GameHouse Canada