About Us

Welcome to the ZOO

LlamaZOO is a collective of Designers, Artists, Programmers, Producers, Writers, Hackers and Entrepreneurs from around the world. Our proudly diverse team, which is based in sunny Victoria BC, includes individuals from Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, and Australia.

Born out of a desire to provide students and professors with a world class digital product and educational technology experience, our team is comprised of veterans from the Video Game, Web, Mobile, Cloud, and Digital Design industries. We believe that by working diligently, and with world leading institutions, that we can create something revolutionary.

We are experts

We are experts in user experience and interaction design.

We are developers

We are developers of desktop, mobile, and cloud applications.

We are producers

We are producers of digital media.

We are designers

We are purveyors of digital solutions.

Our Origins

EA Games
Microsoft Game Studios
Black Box
GameHouse Canada