LlamaZOO Secures Private Equity Investment

LlamaZOO is pleased to announce that they recently raised $500,000 in private equity funding. This investment and vote of confidence will allow LlamaZOO to hire additional designers and developers to continue the development and refinement of their EasyAnatomy edtech platform.

The $500,000 private equity investment comes after LlamoZOO won a VIATEC Startup of the Year Award in June 2015 and received a $50,000 prize as a 2015 recipient of the Futurpreneur Spin Master Innovation Fund in September.

LlamaZOO Interactive was co-founded in 2014 by game industry veterans Charles Lavigne and Kevin Oke, and was quickly accepted in the VIATEC Accelerator program that fosters successful technology startups in Victoria, BC.

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At LlamaZOO we develop interactive and immersive 3D communications, training, and digital twin visualization software for enterprise, specializing in mining, and other natural resource industries.

We are world-leading experts in spatial data fusion – combining large datasets into one centralized repository, making access to and understanding of critical data easier and faster, for both internal and external stakeholders.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our solutions, or exploring project possibilities for your own company, please get in touch: projects@llamazoo.com

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